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The International Rainbowfish association (IRG) is a association of pet fish hobbyists with specific interests in Rainbowfishes and Blue-Eyes. But other species from Australia and new guinea are kept as well, and the closely related Bedotia from Madagascar. Four issues of the "Regenbogenfisch" magazine are published per year in german and netherlands language. At the internet forum members can ask questions and can exchange experience. Once a year IRG holds a big meeting where people can share each other and join the biggest rainbowfish trade worldwide.

The IRG homepage is at www.irg-online.de

The Australian New Guinea Fishes Association (ANGFA) is based in Australia. It issues the magazine "Fishes of Sahul" and has a Database with many informations about collecting sites.

The forum www.rainbowfish.info is in english. This is where Rainbowfish people all over the world can meet.

The Homepage made by Adrian Tappin from Australien has most interesting informations about Rainbowfishes in english.

Pages from IRG members

(in german language)

Gerd Bartz

Patrick Meisenberg

Walter Servatius

Hans-Herbert Boeck

Alfred Bischinger aus Österreich

Mike Wolff

Michael Hamann

IRG Belgien

IRG Schweiz mit Bestandsliste der IRG-Mitglieder

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